Saint Adamnan

This site is about the revitalisation of monasticism in the British Isles, reflecting the Orthodoxy of this country prior to the Norman invasion.

The native Church relied on the prayerfulness and learning of the monastics to lead the Church through most of the first millennium of Christianity.  They were an ancient system stemming from the Culdee colleges, and existing from very early in the first millennium.

Today we are interested in re-establishing that Orthodoxy and monastic presence on the route to Iona.  To that end we have established a Hermitage as an Orthodox monastic presence in the ancient British tradition.

Personally I would like to see two or three or even four Orthodox monasteries following the genuine heritage of our forefathers in this country.


Our patron, Saint Adamnán of Iona (Athovnawn) (AD 624 – 704) was the ninth abbot of Iona from AD 679 to 704, hagiographer, statesman and clerical lawyer; he was the author of the most important life of Saint Columcille and of the “Law of Innocents” – “Law of Adomnán”. A popular Anglicised form of his name is Saint Eunan, from the Gaelic Naomh Adhamhnán.

The heading picture is taken from Kilninian looking across the sea loch towards distant Iona beyond the mountains.

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